Introduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies

Introduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies

Course Overview

This Introductory Course to Diving Medicine and Diving Emergencies gives a general overview of the basis of Diving Medicine and the Basic Management of Diving Emergencies. The course forms the foundation of clinical diving medicine training and introduces participant to this area of specialized medicine. It incorporates the use of traditional classroom teachings to introduce the basic foundation of diving medicine & diving emergencies. This is further reinforced with practical skills and hands on training providing the participants an insight to the principles and practice of this area of specialized medicine. This course introduces the participant to the history of diving medicine with its evolution to present day diving, diving physics & physiology together with the human bodily system interaction. Diver selection for the various diving environment together with certain medical conditions which predispose a diver to a diving accident will be addressed.The course focuses on basic management of onsite diving emergencies and all participants will have a practical hands on deployment of the medical equipment. Participants will also be introduced to Diving TeleBaroMedical Portal for the Remote Management of Diving Emergencies.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants should understand.

  • The interaction of basic diving physics & physiology with the human body resulting in an increased risk of a diving accident.
  • The basic management of diving accidents – in the areas of oxygen provision, defibrillation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • The potential hazzards of the underwater environment including hazzadous marine life, weather and sea conditions.



  • Participants should have an interest in diving & diving medicine.


Who should attend:

  • Divers: Offshore Commercial Divers, Inland / Inshore Commercial Divers
  • Recrerational Divers, Police Divers, Salvage Divers, Aquarium Divers
  • Dive Personnel: Dive Shop Owners, Dive Instructors, Dive Masters, Divers etc
  • Medical Personnel: Doctors, Specialist Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Paramedics, Diabetic Educators, Diving Medical Technicians, DMT’s etc


Class Size / Training Participants

  • Class Size: limited to 8 persons max
  • Full course participation is required for certification.
  • Program Directors reserves the right of refusal of admission or certification.


On Completion of the Course

  • Doctors, Nurses , Paramedics who complete the Introduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencieswill be able to understand and appriciate the the physiological changes of the underwater environment on the human body and be better equipped to render onsite emergency medical assistance to a diver in the event of a diving emergency.
  • Dive Instructors, Diver(s), Resort Operators, Health Safety Executive Officers who complete the ntroduction to Diving Medicine & Diving Emergencies will be able to have a better understanding of underwater physiology and its effects on the diver. They will be able to better appriciate the importance of adequate medical equipment and medical oxygen at the dive site or during diving operations together with appropiately trained personnel to for the management and the treatment of onsite diving accidents.