Chief Medical Physician Profile

Dr. Kevin U. Chan
MBBS (Australia)
Occupational Medicine (Singapore)

Medical Director Flinders EMA Pte Ltd
Medical Physician FEMA Clinic & Surgery
Medical Advisor Divers’ Alert Network Asia Pacific (DAN-SAP)
Director Mercy Relief (Non-Governmental Organization Singapore)
Volunteer Medical Doctor Mercy Relief (NGO, Singapore)
President of Flinders Alumni Association (Singapore)


Occupational Health and Safety (Prime Occupational Health, Australia 1998-2001)
Topside Medical Examiner – mining, HUETS, Platform, Rigs (Prime occupational Health,
Australia 1998 to Flinders Practice Pte Ltd 2007 – Current)
General Practice – Procedural (Singapore, 2002 to Current)
Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine (Australia, 1998 to Current)
Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine (2002 to Current)
Medical Director Flinders Practice Pte Ltd (2003 to 2009 November)
Medical Director Hyperbaric & Occupational Medicine Pte Ltd(2008 to 2009 November)
Volunteer Medical Doctor to BAM IRAN (2004, Mercy Relief Singapore)
Volunteer Medical Doctor to Sri Lanka, Tsunami (2006, Mercy Relief Singapore)
Volunteer Medical Doctor to Meulaboh, Indonesia, Tsunami (2007, Mercy Relief Singapore)
Volunteer Medical Doctor to Japan, Tsunami (2011, Mercy Relief Singapore)
Board of Director & Volunteer Doctor Mercy Relief , Singapore (2007 to 2015)
Board of Director Mercy Relief to Phonm Penh, Cambodia (2012, Mercy Relief Singapore)


General Medicine

General Medicine Qualifications
MBBS (Australia), Medicine & Surgery (1996, Flinders University of South Australia)
MBBS (Australia), Designated Factory Doctor (2004, M.O.M, Singapore)
Grad. Diploma in Occupational Medicine (2004, NUS, Singapore)
Certificate in Sports Medicine-Int’L Team Physician Training (2003, ACSM, USA)
Certificate Acupuncture Western Australia College (1998, Australia)
Certificate in Sedation for Non-Anesthetist (National University Hospital, Singapore)

General Medicine Memberships and Representations
Member Singapore Medical Association (Singapore)
Member of International Society of Travel Medicine (USA)
Member of Society of Critical Care Medicine (USA)

Medical Trauma and Cardiac Life Support Qualifications
Advance Trauma Life Support (Singapore)
Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (USA)
Basic & Advance Cardiac Life Support (Singapore)
Certificate Early Management of Severe Trauma (Australia)

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine Qualifications
Certified Laser Physician (Singapore)
Certificate in Wound Management (2005, USA)
Certificate Lipo Filling and the Curl Lift (Dr Fouriner – 2007, Singapore)
Certified Laserlipolisis (2007, Pavia, Italy)

Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Societies Memberships
American Society of Laser Medicine (USA)
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (USA)
American Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine Society (USA)
European Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine (France)

Aesthetic Accomplishments / Trainer / Mentor Programmers
Speaker at 3rd Malaysian Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Congress 2006
Trainer/Mentor Programme for Hands on Liposuction for Doctors 2006 – current
Trainer/Mentor Programme for Hands on Face Lifting with Threads for Doctors 2006 – current
Trainer/Mentor Programme for Aesthetic Medicine for Doctors 2006 – current

Aesthetic Workshops and Conference Attended
Dermatology Laser Workshop (2006, Singapore)
Skin Fillers: Treatment and Procedure Workshop (2005, Singapore)
Conference Workshop on “All About Threads “(2007, Singapore)
Conference of Aesthetic Medicine (2007, Singapore)
Regional Conference of Dermatology Asian-Australian (2006, Singapore)
Conference in Aesthetic Surgery (2002, Hong Kong)
European Masters Conference in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine (2007, Hong Kong)
Third Malaysian Conference and Exhibition on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (2006, Malaysia)
1st Asian Conference on the Science of Aging and Regenerative Medicine (2008, Malaysia)
International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS Asia) (2008, Singapore)

Aerospace/Aviation Medicine

Aerospace/Aviation Medicine Qualifications
Designated Medical Examiner for Pilots and Aircrew (Civil Aviation Authority, Singapore)
Critical Care Transport Medicine Skills Update (2009, USA)
Medical Transport Leadership Institute (2009, USA)

Aerospace/Aviation Medicine Memberships
Member of Air Medical Physician Association (2009, San Antonio, USA)
Member of Association of Air Medical Services (2009, Wheeling, USA)

Aerospace/Aviation Medicine Conference Attended
Critical Care Transport Medicine conference (2009, USA)
CCAT & HMFC CCAT Course (UK,2009)

Diving, Hyperbaric, Offshore, Maritime, Tunnelling Medicine

Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine Qualifications
Primary Training in Hyperbaric Medicine (2005, USA)
Hyperbaric Safety Director (2005, USA)
Basic & Advance Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (1998, Australia)
Certificate in Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine Basic, Adv (2004, UK, HSE, IMCA)
Advance Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine with Chamber Operations (2005, USA)

Maritime, Diving, Hyperbaric, Offshore & Compressed Air Works(Tunnelling) Medicine Memberships
Member of Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA)
Member of International Board of Undersea Medicine (USA)
Member of International Maritime Contractors Association – Diving Division (IMCA-UK HSE)
Member of South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (1998, Australia)
Member of U.K. Oil & Gas Association (2007, UKOOA, UK)
Designated Medical Examiner Factories ie Production Platforms (Ministry of Manpower, Singapore)
Designated Medical Examiner of Divers (IMCA, UK)
Designated Medical Examiner of Divers (AS2299, Australia)
Designated Medical Examiner of Divers (Shell, Malaysia)
Designated Medical Examiner of Divers (Shell, Brunei)
Designated Medical Examiner for PETRONAS (Malaysia)
Designated Compressed Air Works Medical Auditor–MRT Tunnels DTL2, DTL3 (KB Associates,AECOM Pte Ltd, Land Tpt Authority Singapore)

Maritime, Diving, Hyperbaric, Offshore & Compressed Air Works (Tunneling) Medicine Conferences/ Workshops
UHMS Conference, Sydney, Australia 2004
UHMS Conference, Salt Lake City Utah 2008
UHMS Conference, Las Vegas Nevada 2016
SPUMS Conference, Candidasa, Bali, Indonesia 2017
The 5th Karolinska Postgraduate Course in Clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 2009
SS511 Spring Singapore Diving at work White paper 2004 (Singapore)
SS511 Spring Singapore Diving at work Regulation update 2009 (Singapore)
Technical Advisory Inland/Inshore Commercial Diving 2009
Int’l Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) Safety Seminar Speaker Presenter 2010 (Singapore)
Tunnel Design and Construction Conference (Hong Kong, 2010)
OGUK/UKOOA Oil and Gas Doctors Conference 2011,2012 (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Diploma Remote & Offshore Medicine 2011 (Current) (Royal College of Surgeon Edinburgh, Scotland)


Speaker & Lecturer Appointments

Lecturer of IMCA HSE approve course for Diving Medical Techician (DMT) with (KB Associate 2006 – current)
Lecturer of Basic & Advance course with Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Course (CSM Academy 2008 – Current)
Lecturer of Compressed Air Works – Medical Aspects, Physics, Physiology – for EF Consult , KB Associates (2013 – Current)
Guest Speaker and Presenter ADEX (Asian Diving Expo) 2004, 2008
Asian Diving Hyperbaric Medicine Association Conference Speaker Presenter 2009(GOA, India)
Lecturer for NEBOSH Course (UK) for Occupational Health and Safety – KB Associates (2010)
Guest Speaker Presenter at University of Southern Queensland Graduation Ceremony (2010)
Int’l Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) Safety Seminar Speaker Presenter 2010 (Singapore)
Doctor@Home -Boarderless Healthcare Seminar 2010 (Singapore)
Speaker Construction Project Managers Conference – Enviroment, Worker Safety & Helath – Remote, Offshore and Hazzardous Environments 2012 (Singapore)